Remediation, Multi-unit Residential

Perhaps one of the most widely known examples of a leaky building, the Nautilus Apartments is an example of a successful weathertightness remediation of a complex apartment building.

12 stories high, shaped like a fish, with an extremely complex irregularly shaped façade and within 200m of Orewa Beach, the Nautilus Apartments remediation project represented a unique challenge for our design team. Completed in 2020, this project included replacement of all of the cladding with a solid aluminium panellised façade over an open-jointed rainscreen system, replacement of all glazed joinery, remediation of the decks with new membrane and tiles, replacement of the main roof and replacement of all glass balustrades.

The clients brief was to maintain the existing look and feel of the building as much as possible – we think our team did a fantastic job!

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