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Natasha Cockerell

Director + Registered Architect

[email protected]
021 0293 9341 + 09 970 2614

Multi-unit residential, Commercial, Residential, Education


Natasha Cockerell - Registered Architect at Respond Architects in Auckland

Natasha Cockerell is a seasoned architect with a passion for pushing the boundaries of architectural design and sustainability. With a career spanning over two decades, Natasha has established herself as a technical leader in the field, known for her innovative approach and commitment to creating spaces that inspire and endure.

Drawing inspiration from nature and the built environment, Natasha brings a unique perspective to every project she undertakes. Her deep understanding of sustainable design principles informs her work, allowing her to seamlessly integrate eco-friendly solutions into her designs without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

As a driving force behind Respond Architects, Natasha champions a collaborative approach to architecture, fostering creativity and innovation within her team. Her ability to envision and execute projects that exceed client expectations has earned her recognition and acclaim in the industry.

Natasha’s portfolio boasts a diverse range of projects, from sustainable residential developments to education projects and complex weathertightness remediation projects. Her dedication to creating environments that promote well-being, sustainability, and social responsibility has positioned her as a sought-after architect.

Natasha sits on the Board of the Passive House Institute of NZ (PHINZ), is a member of the Ministry of Education Weathertightness Review Panel (WRP) and also acts as an Expert Witness.

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