— What we do.

— Multi-unit residential

Multi-unit residential development requires a careful balance between meeting expectations of potential buyers, complying with Unitary/District Plan requirements and making a profit in the process.

— Education

A combination of experience and intelligent design helps us deliver innovative, flexible and future focused learning environments, right across New Zealand.

RA - Commercial Preview

— Commercial

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, we’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and deliver a commercial space that’s fit for purpose.

— Residential

We don’t believe in sacrificing function for the sake of form. Instead, we connect the two to deliver stunning homes that work.

RA - Passive House Preview

— Passive house

High performance, low energy buildings are warm, dry, healthy and cheap to run. Respond Architects can work with you to design your building to Passive House Certification, & other low energy certification standards.

— Homestar

Taking a holistic design approach, Homestar rates how well a building performs and how efficient it is in terms of running costs.

Respond Architects Homestar Preview - Joy Lyth, Shana Payne and Wendy Ryan

— Low-Carbon buildings

The science is clear – we need to stop talking about reducing Carbon emissions in buildings, and start acting now. Respond Architects are a signatory to Architects Declare, and are committed to reducing embodied and operational carbon in our projects.

— Cultural design & advisory services

As architects, we respect and understand Te Ao Māori, Tikanga and Te Aranga design principles, and we’re excited about the potential to harness Aotearoa’s cultural history in our design process.

Cultural Design & Advisory Services - Preview

— Remediation

Our goal is not only to remediate, but to enhance your building’s aesthetics, improve its functionality and ultimately add value.

Project locations