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Natasha Cockerell - Registered Architect at Respond Architects in Auckland

Director + Registered Architect
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Mark Gribble

Director + Registered Architect
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Associate + Registered Architect

Wendy Ryan - Registered Architect for Respond Architects in Auckland

Associate, Registered Architect + Homestar Assessor


Associate, Registered Architect, Certified Passive House Designer, Homestar Assessor + BIM Manager

Erin Hallett - Respond Architects Auckland

Associate + Senior Architectural Designer


Associate + Senior Architectural Designer

Senior Registered Architect + Sustainability Specialist — Queenstown

Flo Pirotais - Senior Architectural Technican Auckland Respond

Senior Architectural Technician


Senior Architectural Designer — Christchurch

Lucy Bromley - Registered Architectural Designer

Senior Architectural Designer

Architectural Designer + Certified Passive House Consultant — Queenstown

Cici Zheng - Registered Architect at Respond Architects

Project Architect

Charl Neser - Architectural Designer Wellington BW

Architectural Designer

Luca Kosa - Architectural Designer + BIM Specialist

Architectural Designer, Certified Passive House Designer + BIM Specialist

Jay Patel - Architectural Technician Wellington BW

Architectural Technician — Wellington

Maryam Alrais - Intermediate Architecture Graduate

Intermediate Architectural Graduate

Mevuni Weerackody - Intermediate Architectural Graduate

Intermediate Architectural Graduate

Ju An Teo - Architectural Graduate Auckland - Respond Architects

Architectural Graduate + Homestar Designer

Aneke Pretorius - Architectural Graduate

Architectural Graduate

Architectural Graduate

Jennifer Rong - Architectural Graduate - Respond Architects Auckland

Architectural Graduate

Brad Rankin - Graduate Architect - Respond Architects Auckland-2

Architectural Graduate

Black and white headshot of Rain Zhang is an Architectural Graduate in Auckland at Respond Architects.

Architectural Graduate


Design Project Administrator

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